Document Management

Manage documents securely offsite, onsite and online

Service Point Document & Content Management services are designed to provide a «cradle to grave» solution.

We can scan your documents, capture and process the data (index or OCR), export the images and data either to your Electronic Content Management (ECM) system or we can provide you with a system that meets your needs. Our offerings are scalable, secure and easily integrated with other systems. They can be installed on your server or hosted online, making your document management, retrieval and distribution easy and cost effective.


For the secure capture of sensitive data, Service Point can implement an onsite solution with our team and technology at your locations or provide you with intuitive capture equipment which allows scanning, indexing and routing of documents to your desired destination. Our local, national and global network of bureaus can also collect hardcopy files and capture the requirement offsite freeing you to focus on your day-to-day activity.


Service Point recognises that every organisation has a series of variables that dictate how best to manage their documents and what type of document management system suits their needs best. Service Point has developed an Electronic Content Management portfolio which is fully scalable to the needs of a single user, department or a global organisation, It can be installed and operated on your network, or hosted by Service Point and accessed securely by any number of users, (you define access rights), via the internet or a CD/DVD archiving solutions. Any document, any time, anywhere.

Document Management features

  • Access 24 / 7: Online access to documents anywhere
  • Search: Retrieve documents with advanced and full text search facility
  • Upload: Upload documents to our ECM system
  • Revision control: Full revision control & access to current / superseded documents
  • View: Full revision control and access to current / superseded documents
  • Audit: Every action made to every document audited – government regs compliant
  • Security: Access restricted by group, user and document level security

    System compliant with European Safe Harbour principles

    Geographically diverse redundant SAS 70 compliant data-centres

    Create searchable security logs

  • Reliability: Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Reliability: Document Grants: Non-users get time restricted access to individual documents
  • Distribute: Issue documents directly by logged email in TIFF or PDF format
  • Download & Checkout: Download or check out documents for editing
  • Mark-ups: Use the mark-up tools to add notes and highlight or obscure details
  • Text notes: Place text notes with documents without altering the original
  • Report: Multiple reporting formats (print or export to Excel)
  • Capture: Scan, index and upload documents directly into our ECM system